A Higher Bar

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It’s easy to see why the world fell in love with Ruth. 

She stared at the towering obstacles in her path, those draconian laws and systems that told her she was not smart enough, not strong enough, not steady enough, and proceeded to dismantle them with a pen. 

And she did it all while respecting the tradition, integrity, and pace of the courts. She recognized that to be effective, she’d have to be patient and wait for the lower courts and society to catch up. This would, at times, put her at odds with her feminist contemporaries.  

More than anything, she led by example. In a nation whose laws told her she was subordinate and weak, she demonstrated superiority and strength. She was among the first class of women accepted to Harvard Law, carried out her studies while raising a newborn, cared for her husband and classmate who had been diagnosed with cancer, and helped him stay current with his studies. 

Justice Ginsburg had a brilliant mind and a big heart, often representing the underdog and giving a voice to the voiceless. She also routinely rose above the political fray, which is perhaps best exemplified by her close friendship with conservative justice Antonin Scalia—a friendship that would inspire an opera, and the words “some things are more important than votes.”

Was she perfect? No. But she sure as hell fought for a more perfect union.

As someone who faced gender discrimination throughout her career, her experience brought necessary depth and perspective to the bench.

Without Ruth and her tireless efforts to achieve equal treatment for women, our female-led start-up may not exist. She opened doors once shut to women and did it with grace and what seemed, at times, a sense of mischievousness.

May she rest in peace knowing that she inspired generations of women and men who will carry her legacy forward. Instead of letting her departure leave us feeling discouraged and demoralized, may it motivate us to fight harder for a better and more equitable world for us all.

–       Abi, Founder & CEO

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