Gluten-Free: Is It Right For Me?

  When you Google “gluten-free,” you get roughly 2 billion results. Back in 2017, the number was around 150,000,000. Suffice to say, the gluten-free diet [more…]

How Biotechnology Can Affect Our Food

We recently had the opportunity to listen to a lecture given by microbiologist-turned-food researcher, Adam Borger. The topic: biotechnology and food allergenicity. The talk focused [more…]

Understanding FPIES

From time to time, we like to write about the rarer forms of food allergy. We’ve covered Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Oral Allergy Syndrome, and allergies to red meat and [more…]

Celebrities with Food Allergies

Photo credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images.   If you’ve ever picked up the tabloids, you’ve likely seen celebrity columns like “Stars—They’re Just Like Us!” It’s always [more…]