Spring Showers Bring May Happy Hours

After a few false starts it looks like spring has finally sprung! And there are few things better than a post-work drink on the outdoor patio of your favorite happy hour spot.

I did just that the other day with some work colleagues. While soaking up some much-needed Vitamin-D, our waiter came by to take our drink order. Although the place was known for its cocktails, I ordered an IPA. This prompted one of my colleagues to ask why I never ordered cocktails. I thought my answer might make for a good blog post. So here it goes. This is why. 

Like most allergy sufferers, I have a survival strategy – and I don’t veer from it often. That’s because I know what can happen if I do. Back in college, I was handed a shot at a party. Right before tossing it back, I turned to the guy who had handed it to me and asked him what it was. Amaretto, he replied. As someone who is fatally allergic to almonds, you can imagine the anxiety attack that word triggered. He may as well have said cyanide. 

With beer and wine, it’s less likely I’ll accidentally ingest nut liquor. And I certainly don’t want to discover after ordering an Old Fashioned that the new bartender mistakenly confused bourbon and Dumante. 

So that’s why I usually go for the IPA or a glass of red. That’s my jam and it’s worked well for me so far, so I’m sticking to it.

— Abi and the Allergy Amulet Team

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